GTA V Player Discovers Trevor’s Lab Lookalike in Real Life

In theory, Los Santos is based on Los Angeles, California, and while it’s a virtual location whose roads and buildings do not have a real-life sibling, it goes without saying that some of the places you come across in the game have been inspired by the actual versions you can casually encounter while driving in the region.
The liquor store on Google Maps 2 photos
Trevor's lab in official Rockstar poster
And this is exactly what happened to someone on reddit, who recently discovered a place that looks insanely close to Trevor’s Lab located in Great Chaparral.

The real-life location, however, which also shows up on Google Maps it seems, can be found close to CA-111 on the east side of the Salton Sea, and at the first glance, it’s a liquor store whose signs certainly remind of Trevor’s lab.

Needless to say, Rockstar doesn’t publicly acknowledge this kind of stuff, so while the two look similar, we’ll never know precisely if this is the location that inspired the main business of Trevor Philips in GTA V or not.

But in the meantime, the company is hard at work finalizing the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto, as it has recently started hiring testers for what’s believed to be the near-final version of the game.

Trevor's lab in official Rockstar poster
In other words, GTA VI is nearing the final development stages, so Rockstar might be hiring testers specifically to iron out the last bugs and therefore polish the game ahead of a highly anticipated release.

But you’d better not hold your breath for such a thing, as a well-known tipster says Rockstar isn’t necessarily in a rush to release Grand Theft Auto VI.

In fact, the company just wants to stick with its original release date, so GTA VI might eventually see the daylight in late 2023 at the earliest. The dates could easily change if something doesn’t go as planned, so for now, you should just have fun with mods like this one to make GTA V feel as fresh as possible.


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