GTA V and the Fun of Riding a Bike in the Wrong Places – Video

Taking the wrong bike to the wrong places 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
I must confess that I’ve used cheats in most of the action and FPS video games I’ve ever played. However, this was because two good reasons: first of all, I didn’t have the time or the nerves to retry a certain (difficult) part of a mission for like, 50 times. Then, adding cheats allows the player to deviate from the “natural order” in the games. That is, flying to certain areas on the map, explore the virtual world and occasionally do stupid things.
GTA V allows all this straight from the beginning, as the very structure of the game involves taking innumerable decisions to play things in a different manner. This automatically opens up a whole new horizon of silly things which can be done, and this includes taking the wrong vehicles in the wrong places.

Using a sport bike to ride across a bridge may not seem such a tough task, but only if you’re doing this the normal way. But that would be too boring, isn’t it? Well, if you have some time to kill trying to mix Christian Pfeiffer with Dougie Lampkin and Travis Pastrana in a scenario which comes with very high odds for failure, be our guests!

Below you can see some in-game recording with a truly tenacious fellow who would simply refuse to quit until he gets things right. For some inexplicable reason, seeing so much fail before the majestic final win is hilarious. I hope there will not be people trying to replicate such riding, but you know that nature and evolution have their way of taking care of certain gene pool cleansing operations…

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