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GTA Online Adds More Cars, Los Santos Tuners Bonuses Incoming Too
Rockstar had a rough week due to the massive GTA 6 leak, but that doesn’t mean that the people working on any of the studio’s games will take a break. It means though, that it’s that time of the week when Rockstar reveals a new content update for GTA Online.

GTA Online Adds More Cars, Los Santos Tuners Bonuses Incoming Too

GTA Online screenshotGTA Online screenshotGTA Online screenshotGTA Online screenshotGTA Online screenshotGTA Online screenshot
Let’s start with the new cars coming to the game over the weekend. First off, we have the Dinka Kanjo SJ, a car heavily inspired by several 1990s Honda cars like the Civic Type R and Honda Logo. Based on the first generation of Honda Prelude, the so-called Dinka Postlude will be available in GTA Online starting this weekend, after being introduced in the game as part of The Criminal Enterprise update.

Both cars added to the game are highly customizable and can be picked up starting today from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. To make things even more interesting for racing fans, Simeon’s Showroom will have several cars available for test drive:

  • The Annis Euros (at 40% off) painted Classic Harbor Blue and equipped with the Arrow Stripes livery
  • The newly available Imponte Phoenix in a Classic Cast Iron Silver paint job
  • A Metallic Olive Green Bravado Gauntlet Classic wrapped in the White 445 livery
  • The Declasse Vamos customized with Pearlescent Orange paint and the “Sure It’s Safe?” livery
  • A Matte Black Karin Previon in the Stance Andreas Alt livery

Across the street from Record A Studios sits the Luxury Autos Showroom, another important stop if you love cars. This week players will find a few amazing cars on sale, including the Metallic Ice White Enus Jubilee and the Grotty Itali RSX.

Members of the LS Car Meet who place in the Top 3 in the Pursuit Series for three days in a row will earn the keys of a Vapid Flash GT. It’s also worth visiting the Test Track since you’ll be getting free rides in the Vapid GB200, Obey Tailgater S, and Karin Futo GTX.

Besides the new cars and discounts, this week’s update also brings bonuses for various activities. For example, players can now purchase an Auto Shop for 40% off. Tuners Auto Shop modifications and upgrade are 40% off too, so this would be the best time to pimp your cars.

Not to mention that completing Auto Shop Client Jobs will earn players double rewards through September 28. Auto Shop Contract Finales will reward double GTA$ and RP as well.

For even more rewards, be sure to join the LS Car Meet (membership fees are waived this week) and participate in LS Car Meet Races for triple the usual RP. Time Trials offer double rewards this week too, so don’t skip these either.

Players hunting for freebies should visit any Ammu-Nation to pick up the Service Carbine, the weapon of choice for the LSPD. Free ammo, extended clips, and suppressors for the Service Carbine are also available for free at the location. If you really are into guns, you’ll be happy to know that you can upgrade your Agency facilities with an Armory for 50% off this week only.

A couple of modes are being highlighted this week, so if you’re participating in Deathmatches or Land Grab matches, you’ll earn double GTA$ and RP until September 28.

Last but not least, don’t forget to visit The Diamond Casino & Resort this week to try your luck at the Lucky Wheel. This week’s prize ride is the amazing Coil Cyclone, a two-door electric hypercar that was added to GTA Online five years ago as part of the Smuggler’s Run update. Other smaller prizes are available too, so it’s definitely worth a visit.


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