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GTA 6 Launch Plans Possibly Teased in Recent Rockstar Job Listing

Rockstar has remained completely tight-lipped on everything related to the debut of GTA 6, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that fans out there stopped digging for more information that would help them figure out when and how the next Grand Theft Auto is supposed to launch.
New GTA V version due in the fall of this year 6 photos
GTA V screenshotGTA V screenshotGTA V screenshotGTA V screenshotGTA V screenshot
And while this could very well be just wishful thinking, a recent Rockstar job listing is seen by many as an indication of how the company plans to release GTA 6.

First and foremost, some context. An alleged leak that made the headlines earlier this year indicated Rockstar would use the upcoming enhanced version of GTA 5 and GTA Online (for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S) to tease the debut of GTA 6. And to do this, the company would rely on GTA Online events and content that would drop hints as to when the game is projected to go live.

So when Rockstar posted a job ad to search for a GTA Online live operations coordinator, some people instantly believed the new role is specifically aimed at the upcoming GTA 6.

Needless to say, Rockstar doesn’t say anything about the new Grand Theft Auto, though the company mentions the responsibilities of the new live operations coordinator would be to “develop an understanding of how different content releases, incentives, and campaigns impact player behavior” and “contribute to ideation of broader Rockstar campaigns […] and future in-game marketing features.

Is this a sign that GTA 6 will be revealed as part of live events in GTA Online? It is hard to say, but hardcore GTA fans certainly think it is.

For the time being, however, you’d better not hold your breath for Grand Theft Auto VI. According to a reliable leakster, the game won’t see the daylight earlier than late 2023, as Rockstar still doesn’t want to rush things, especially given GTA V is still as popular as it gets and an enhanced version is on its way.


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