GT-R vs. Camaro SS Drag Race Shows Nissan Getting a Taste of Its Own Medicine

We've all become so accustomed to seeing the Nissan GT-R challenging and sometimes dissing supercars twice its price that the underdog status of the Nissan almost goes unnoticed nowadays.
Nissan GT-R vs Nitrous Camaro SS Drag Race 1 photo
As we mentioned in the title, though, we're here to show you what happens when an R35 gets a taste of its own medicine. To be more precise, Godzilla was recently challenged by a fourth-gen Camaro SS that was obviously in a different financial league.

Nevertheless, the Chevy relied on a hefty nitrous does in the fight with the GT-R, so the two went at it. The sprint battle involved a human Christmas Tree and this is where the problems started - while the Camaro driver obviously pulled a late take-off, a debate on whether the Nissan guy jumped the start or not ensued.

While the Camaro SS put up a monstrous fight and would've eventually overtaken the GT-R, the quarter mile result wasn't considered relevant, as the two were extremely close.

Start, drag race, repeat

As a result, the Nissan and the Chevrolet engaged in another fight. The start of the race was a more balanced adventure on this occasion, with a more experienced... shenanigan assistant stepping in to help.

Given the GT-R's all-wheel-drive advantage, we can say this Camaro packed a mind-blowing take-off, which promised to deliver an attention-worthy race. Heck, the sheer gearbox difference between the two machines (the Camaro came with a stick shift) was enough to entertain.

Unfortunately, just as the Camaro seemed ready to teach the GT-R a lesson, the Chevy suddenly lost power, with the Nissan effortlessly stepping ahead. Then again, when such amateur builds are used for racing purposes, malfunctions shouldn't come as a surprise. This obviously invalidated the second brawl, which means the conclusion following the first race is the one that sticks.

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