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GT-R Powered Nissan Jukes Drag Races in Greece

Kalimera drag racing fans and welcome to Greece. We’re not here for the recession, lemons and ouzo, we’re here for the gasoline and burnt tires.
Fake Juke R 1 photo
The Russian drag racing kings behind the Moscow Mile moved shop to sunny Greece for another Unlim 500+ season, taking place on a local airport runway.

A couple of years ago, the Juke R was born as a concept for the fans. Because the Juke is basically FWD and has a transversal engine, the whole car was basically a racing chassis with a GT-R drivetrain and a Juke body on top.People went mad with the idea and eventually Nissan announced they would build a handful for €500,000 or so each.

Then some Russian tuners looked at the idea and though “well hang on, we can do better” and they did! These Juke Rs are actually fakes, built by the Russians and tuned to much higher levers than Nissan would allow.

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