Ground-Breaking Brekr Model B Electric Moped Ushers in New Age of Urban Mobility

Let's face it, a number of manufacturers are hard at work trying to come up with the next groundbreaking mobility vehicles. One team that’s just come to light with their one and only EV is Brekr.
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Photo: Brekr / Facebook
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Brekr is a team from the Netherlands that’s only been around since 2018, but in these past three years, all of their expertise has been aimed at creating the next generation of electric mopeds. Built from a team of marketing managers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers, this crew has just unveiled their one and only EV, the Model B.

Why is this vehicle a big deal? Well, just look at it! Have you ever seen a frame like this on a two-wheeler? Possibly, but most likely on a bicycle, let alone a moped that’s meant to reinvent urban mobility. Sure, there’s a classic inverted fork suspension, but the rest of the moped is completed from those two lateral aluminum bars that lead to the rear hub; new-age and minimalist design, to say the least.

Since I'm on the subject of frames, the lateral struts not only hold the front and rear sections of the vehicle together but also support another cage-like structure in which the battery and other components are housed. With one battery mounted, the Model B comes in with a weight of 78 kg (172 lbs).

Model B Electric Moped
Photo: Brekr / Facebook
Underneath the seat, Brekr equips the Model B with a battery housing that has a capacity to hold two removable battery packs. Each battery features 2 kWh of juice, which, according to Brekr, will offer you anywhere between 50 km (31 mi) to 80 km (50 mi), yes, with just one battery. By adding the second battery, the range is increased up to 160 km (99.5 mi). I don’t know about you, but I've never ridden near 100 miles on a moped in a single day.

To make sure your battery functions within the safest parameters, ensuring both your life and that of the battery system, 11 temperature sensors, a BMS, and a fire-retardant casing with aluminum plating yields a waterproof design. Oh, I nearly forgot, once your battery is drained, you’ll need to pull over for five hours to fully recharge.

As for the motor of this adult-sized toy, QS makes their appearance with a motor that’s been optimized for Brekr. Rated at a nominal 2,500 watts of juice, and a peak power of 4,000 watts, this bad boy can crank out a max 140 Nm (103 lb-ft) of torque. That's strong enough to offer a max speed of 45 kph (28 mph), but that’s a computer-limited speed and, if you knew what you’re doing, you can probably change that speed limit, although it may not be in the motor’s favor.

Model B Electric Moped
Photo: Brekr / Facebook
One thing that Brekr focused on with the Model B is that of holding onto some traditional two-wheeler features. Unlike other mopeds on the market, the Model B features decently wide tires that resemble those seen on motorcycles.

The dampening system or suspension is also inspired by those found on iron horses. The inverted fork I already mentioned and offers 100 mm (3.9 in) of travel, while the rear includes a fully adjustable coil spring system that offers a max 60 mm (2.4 in) of rear travel.

Throw on a set of hydraulic disc brakes, 220 mm (8.7 in) on the front and 180 mm (7.08 in) on the back, and this puppy is ready to set you back €4,500 ($5,308 at current exchange rates) with just one battery pack. If you want a second battery, be prepared to dish out another €1,500 ($1,770 at current exchange rates).

Model B Electric Moped
Photo: Brekr / Facebook
Top all this off with an app so that you can keep track of your moped’s inner workings, and it looks like Brekr is primed to get some attention for sure. Whether it’s the positive or negative kind of attention, that’s a different story.

Now, the frame does have a bit of something that brings a rather fresh and motorcycle look to the moped, but in comparison to other EVs within its price range, some folks just may pass up on this one. Sure, you can customize it to best describe you, but all that personalization is going to cost extra for sure. So, what do you think, does the Model B have what it takes to steal the podium as the freshest electric moped?

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