Greenpeace Turns VW’s Logo into a CO2 Sign

Greenpeace Turns VW’s Logo into a CO2 Sign 1 photo
Photo: Greenpeace
It was only a matter of time until Greenpeace environmentalists blamed Volkswagen for trying to hide the truth about the company’s cars impact on both nature and people’s health. After all, the world famous non-governmental organization has been condemning Europe’s biggest carmaker before.
The symbolic gesture was triggered by VW’s latest announcement that the company understated the CO2 emissions of its cars in Europe. The statement puts even more public pressure on the German carmaker, who already is facing its worst scandal ever, unleashed by the nitrogen oxide emissions cheat affecting 11 million of its cars.

Greenpeace Germany activists paid another visit to Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg factory yesterday, unveiling a banner that transformed the company’s logo into the CO2 symbol, accompanied by the words “The climate problem.” Greenpeace’s position, however, is more than just a way for them to preach down the German car-of-the-people manufacturer.

The organization says there is a solution at VW’s disposal, one that it believes will require far-reaching changes to Germany's mobility system to embrace an emissions-free and community-friendly transportation system.

“In the lead-up to the UN climate talks in Paris next month, Volkswagen's emissions scandal has now cast an even brighter spotlight on the road transport sector and how governments and regulators need to ensure the industry cleans up its act. This requires a seismic shift in how governments have up until now bowed to the car industry lobby and too often opted to ease regulations rather than improve car testing systems to keep dangerous, polluting cars off our roads.”

Greenpeace’s message is targeting the German government itself, as in their opinion, state officials should use Dieselgate as an opportunity to change its national transport policies and provide international mobility leadership. The activists claim Energiewende - Germany’s plan to revolutionize its energy system by switching to renewable - is a good example of a strategy the country could apply for transportation too.
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