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Green Porsche 718 Spyder Spotted in Traffic, Has Satin Aurum Wheels

"Isn't it too early to see a Porsche 718 Spyder customer car on the streets?" I hear you asking. Well, that is correct, as we still have a bit of waiting to do before deliveries of the mid-engined special, so this is a manufacturer vehicle.
Green Porsche 718 Spyder Spotted in Traffic, Has Satin Aurum Wheels 3 photos
Porsche 718 SpyderPorsche 718 Spyder
Regardless of who owns the machine, the sheer sight of such a toy in traffic is enough to make aficionados weak in the knees. And this might even apply to those who only have a slight interest in sportscars (yes, such profanes do exist), especially thanks to the spec of the vehicle.

This Zuffenhausen toy might be dressed in British Racing Green, even though it's difficult to tell using just the pair of available images, which, by the way, came to my attention via Autogespot.

Nevertheless, there's one thing we can be certain of, namely that this 718 Spyder comes with a Satin Aurum finish for the wheels.

Heck, if the Porscha is actually dressed in BRG, this means the configuration we have here is similar to the one showcased on a 718 Cayman GT4 that was recently spotted inside the Zuffenhausen mother ship.

Of course, British Racing Green is part of the Paint To Sample catalog, something that will definitely see Porschephiles jumping for joy.

This is a brilliant opportunity to remind everybody that the 718 generation update has done more for the Spyder than it has for the GT4.

That's because the open-top model is now officially a GT Division model, so its engine is no longer downtuned compared to that of the coupe (think: 420 N/A ponies), while it also comes with 911 GT3 suspension up front (the rear axle is an evolution of that on the previous GT4).

Of course, shorter ratios for the six-speed manual or an optional PDK would only add some polish to these entry-level GT models, but it would also bring them even deeper into Neunelfer territory, which is why these details might remained confined to our dreams.


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