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Greek "Ultracar" Company SP Automotive Debuts $14-Million Dollar Car With 3,065 Horsepower

The SP Automotive Chaos is the world's very first "Ultracar" according to its builders. We can't really disagree either. If it makes it to real production, it would be more powerful than anything before it.
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Sp Automotive pistonSP Automotive ChaosSP Automotive ChaosSP Automotive ChaosSP Automotive Chaos
That's saying quite a bit too. The Bugatti Chiron comes from the factory with 1,577 horsepower. The SSC Tuatara reportedly makes 1,750 horsepower. American rival, the Hennessey Venom F5 raises the bar to 1,817. Even the Rimac Nevera, the world's fastest accelerating car ,makes JUST 1,888 horsepower.

Hopefully, that puts things in perspective when we tell you that the SP Automotive Chaos makes 2,049 horsepower in its base trim configuration. That trim is called "Earth Version," It can apparently build 1,025 lb-ft (1,390 Nm) of torque. It's said to have a redline of 10,000 RPM.

Then, of course, we get to the "Zero Gravity" trim level, which features the full 3,065 horsepower. Torque is bumped to 1,463 lb-ft (1,983.5 Nm). According to SP Automotive, the Chaos Zero Gravity can run from 0-60 in just 1.55 seconds and on through a quarter of a mile injust 7.5.

No doubt that it does look that fast, even when standing still. Its extreme angles and shapes are sincerely unique among its contemporaries. The inside is just as shocking.

Like much of the car and even the engine itself, the steering wheel uses 3D printed parts. They form an almost organic shape as they extend to become the handles of the wheel.

Of course, we take all of these claims with a glacier-sized grain of salt. Achieving any of these claims, let alone all of them, would be a real shock to the system. Just building a streetable, production twin-turbo V10 that makes that much power at that kind of RPM would be amazing.

SP Automotive says they have already sold one Chaos but didn't divulge its price. They do say that prospective customers can expect to pay between $6.4 million to $14.4 million, depending on the configuration.


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