Granite Bay Is the Mobile, Sustainable Version of a Modern Family Home

Granite Bay is a friendly, luminous tiny home with dual lofts 28 photos
Photo: Sunshine Tiny Houses
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The minimalism trend is here to stay, and when it comes to housing, tiny homes on wheels have successfully turned simplicity into a form of art. It's incredible how little it takes to create a perfectly cozy, warm, and comfortable ambiance, even in the smallest living space; it's all about clever design, high-quality craftsmanship, and effortless styling.
Every respectable tiny house builder needs to offer at least one model geared toward families. Some stick to a certain size range and others include a wide variety of sizes and layouts in their portfolio, but they all bring forth some kind of family-oriented versions. The Granite Bay tiny home is one of the largest and coziest designs available at Sunshine Tiny Houses, a Queensland-based company that makes sustainable living one of its priorities.

The Granite Bay literally doubles the fun; it boasts a dual-loft configuration with lofts specifically designed to be used as bedrooms and not for storage. With two separate bedrooms, this modern tiny can easily welcome a small family. Plus, the living room is big enough to fit a convertible sofa that can provide additional accommodation.

The important thing to keep in mind is that there are no conventional, ground-based bedrooms inside the Granite Bay, which might not be the most comfortable option for families with children. Still, this is a common layout for young families who are just temporarily downsizing or in need of an informal, cozy vacation home on wheels.

Granite Bay Tiny Home
Photo: Sunshine Tiny Houses
The dual-loft configuration is also known to be one of the most versatile. Owners are free to use the loft areas for various purposes and switch things up whenever their lifestyle requires some changes. It's also a great configuration for vacation rentals due to the flexible accommodation options.

With all of this said, Granite Bay is still a compact, lightweight house on wheels that is designed to be easily transportable. It's eight meters long (26 feet) and 2.5 meters wide (8.2 feet), and it comes on a custom-made triple-axle trailer fitted with electric brakes, lights, and mudguards. This dual-loft tiny can be delivered all across Australia and is built to last a lifetime; coupled with the flexible layout that allows multiple functions, it makes the Granite Bay a smart choice for the future.

The open-concept ground floor looks 100% Aussie: it's airy, bright, and totally open to the outside world. You'll instantly spot some of the key features of most Aussie tiny homes, such as the extensive glazing, the breakfast bar, and the informal lounge. In fact, the Granite Bay exudes a vacation-like, beachy vibe precisely because of this fresh, relaxed interior design.

Simplicity rules inside the Granite Bay Tiny, starting with the neutral color palette that widens the space visually and also has a relaxing effect. Furniture is kept to a minimum so that it doesn't become overwhelming, and it focuses on multi-functionality. Windows of various sizes and shapes are strategically integrated throughout the home to enhance luminosity and maintain constant contact with the natural surroundings.

Granite Bay Tiny Home
Photo: Sunshine Tiny Houses
With the loft bedrooms, access becomes one of the most important issues. Split staircases are a great option, but they can take up quite a bit of space. A ladder, on the other hand, can help keep the lounge area unobstructed, which is why it was used for accessing the loft above. This is the least comfortable option and not the safest either, so it's best suited for folks who are in good shape and willing to make this extra effort on a daily basis. The second room connects to the ground floor via a staircase: more comfortable but still minimal since there's no handrail.

The lofts themselves are basic in terms of layout, with no protection walls, built-in furniture, or unusual storage solutions. They are fully open, and the big windows on each side make them even more luminous, which is particularly important in a tiny home.

The same fresh, airy ambiance is reflected in the modern kitchen layout downstairs. The well-crafted countertop doubles as a convenient breakfast bar by the window, with generous room for a couple of bar stools. Overhead cupboards provide sufficient storage, and they’re great space-savers, allowing extra room for the basic appliances, which include a two-burner gas cooktop, a full-size electric oven, and a full-size fridge nestled into a fridge tower. The staircase provides additional storage, also creating a convenient nook for the washing machine.

Tiny house bathrooms don't typically double as laundries due to the inherent size limitations. The kitchen often becomes a multi-purpose area for cooking, dining, and doing laundry. Behind a discrete sliding door (another smart, space-saving option), this bathroom reveals a simple setup and minimal storage. Owners can choose the type of toilet they prefer, and that's especially important for those planning to go off-grid. The Sunshine Tiny Houses models are designed to be compatible with a full off-grid system centered around a solar package.

Granite Bay Tiny Home
Photo: Sunshine Tiny Houses
Last but not least, wide sliding doors at the entry help blur the line between the inside and the outside. If the owners add a compact deck, the home's bohemian lounge can easily expand into a larger indoor/outdoor area for even more fun.

To make things more affordable, this Aussie builder allows customers to purchase a tiny house in one of three levels of completion, from shell to turnkey. The fully-equipped Granite Bay starts at AUD 125,000 ($82,360): a truly affordable modern haven for a couple or a small family.
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