Grandparents Drifting 2016 Ford Focus RS Are No Joke

Ever wondered what drifting was like back in the 1940s or 1950s? Perhaps the best way to find out is to ask somebody who was born in those times.
Grandparents Drifting 2016 Ford Focus RS 8 photos
Photo: Youtube screenshot
Grandparents Drifting 2016 Ford Focus RSGrandparents Drifting 2016 Ford Focus RSGrandparents Drifting 2016 Ford Focus RSGrandparents Drifting 2016 Ford Focus RSGrandparents Drifting 2016 Ford Focus RSGrandparents Drifting 2016 Ford Focus RSGrandparents Drifting 2016 Ford Focus RS
Then again, while oversteer has been as old as the car itself (wagon sliding doesn't count), drifting is a much more modern phenomenon, so asking one's grandpa or grandma about it might not help too much.

However, dropping them behind the wheel of a drift-savvy machine should be a much better solution. You don't even have to take our word for it, as Ford has already pulled such a stunt.

Focusing on National Grandparents Day, Ford has asked a team of senior drivers to drift the tires off their manic 350 horsepower hatchback.

A group of Blue Oval engineers, together with their grandparents, were handed the keys to a 2016 Ford Focus RS and encouraged to use the drift mode. And yes, as you can imagine, a lot of cones and tires were harmed in the making of the video below.

However, the said objects perished for a noble and entertaining cause, allowing us to see what happens when a rear-biased all-wheel-drive system is used to tighten the generation gap.

Getting creative, and octane-savvy seems like a perfect way to spend some quality time with your family, so we're inviting you to enjoy the piece of footage below. Don't try this at home though, especially if you don't have a track with massive run-off areas at hand.

However, before we end this piece, we can't help but wonder if Ford's PR and marketing people are sitting in their control tower and timing certain actions. We're talking about the stunts you see here and an even driftier adventure, namely the trailer for Ken Block's Gymkhana 9, which seem to have landed at the same time - we'll bring you the hoonigan's tire-slashing action a bit later in the day, as we don't want to go into overdrift.

Update: As promissed, here's the helicopter-involving Gymkhana 9 drifting trailer.

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