Grandpa Driving an Alfa Romeo 4C in Monaco Is Everything Right with This World

Whenever you go to a job interview, this inevitable question pops up: "where do you see yourself in five years from now?" I never knew what to answer. Should I suck up to them in the most obvious way possible and say "right here, working in your position after convincing the manager to fire you," or should I keep my dignity and give them the true answer?
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In case you were wondering, the latter means "relaxing on a remote island with the money I somehow found without doing nothing, enjoying every moment away from your company and your stupid HR people asking stupid questions." Obviously, I usually go for something in between like "locked away in a countryside cottage, writing my second novel," which is always met with a raised eyebrow and a lot of suspicion. And rightly so because here I am, ten years after I first gave this answer, in my very urban flat still having not written at least one sentence of that novel.

But by coming across this clip, I at least know what to say if somebody gets their numbers wrong and asks me the same question, only 50 years from now. I'll just tell them to wait for a second while I pop out my phone and show them this very short video: "this, this is how I see myself when I'm eighty-something." And if they raise an eyebrow or react in any other way than agreeing with me, I'll just get up and walk away because they clearly don't have the first idea about what's really important in life.

People would be tempted to crack jokes at this man. Oh, "he's having an end-of-life crisis" or something, "he's bought himself a red sports car because they were out of blue pills," and other similar remarks that aren't just insulting, but also not funny. You can hear those filming him laughing, even though it's a mix of surprise, admiration and only a hint of irony. But he just doesn't care. He just sits there in his Alfa Romeo 4C Club Italia, smoking pipe in the corner of his grinning mouth, waiting for his turn to go.

The only thing worth doing when you get old is to continue enjoying your life, but if you haven't done it until hitting that age, don't expect it to suddenly come naturally. That's why some people play Bingo while others go through the Monaco tunnel in their screaming Italian sports car. I may not know much about my future, but I know I want to be this guy. And you will too.

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