Grand Theft Auto 6 Scams Are Already Starting to Rear Their Ugly Heads

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GTA 6 will not, I repeat, will not be available for preorder on December 12 at Argos, no matter what the Internet might tell you. Well, aside from a major ironical cosmic coincidence. Also, after the upcoming early December official trailer release, make sure to keep an eye out for predatory practices regarding the next Grand Theft Auto. Just as people got scammed with phony orders during the PS5 supply outage, this will likely also be the case here.
Without one single instance of exaggeration, the next Grand Theft Auto is probably the most sought-after piece of entertainment media humanity has ever produced. Take-Two has shown us enough financial data for GTA in 2023 to back that claim up without batting an eyelash.

Sam Houser, Rockstar Games president, announced that the first trailer for GTA 6 (name not official yet) is arriving in early December. While over 180 million people are excited about the upcoming game, there's always another harmful human component: scams.

Grand Theft Auto V is the third best-selling video game in history, with over 190 million copies. Since its extraordinary launch in September 2013, GTA 5, GTA Online, and other related products like the most recent Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition brought in over 8.4 billion dollars.

That's beyond phenomenal for a 10-year-old game. Not to mention that it earned a record-breaking 1 billion US dollars in its first three days alone.

Seeing how much money is attached to the Grand Theft Auto name, there's no further need to justify why some ill-intended people might see this as the perfect opportunity to try and scam others by using all sorts of tricks involving the upcoming GTA 6.

Thankfully, there haven't been any reported frauds and scams yet, but small things have already started to creep up here and there.

They might be in the spirit of pranks and giggles, but after the game is officially announced in early December, predatory methods of scamming people out of money will surely pop up.

So what happened? Well, some kid (supposedly) pulled a prank on Reddit about GTA 6 being available to preorder starting from December 12, 2023, from Argos, a UK chain retail store.

Alleged conversation from Reddit
Photo: BeatifulAdz from Reddit
The person posted a screenshot of their alleged conversation with an Argos employee. The latter seemingly confirmed twice that GTA 6 preorders will indeed start from that date. This is obviously false.

After seeing their post, I tried to find out for myself and spoke to not just one but two Argos employees through their online chat system. I asked to talk to a real-life person in both instances and not with the initial chatbot.

After inquiring about the GTA 6 preorder date, they both said the same thing to me. They don't have any information at all about GTA 6 or any preorder related to it. Even when I insisted and tried dancing around the subject, they had absolutely no information to offer.

It's vital to keep in mind that in today's technologically ever-evolving world, digital facades can be exceptionally well put together, so always avoid unknown or unheard-of websites. Now more than ever, with the rise of AI. You've most likely seen how AI can interpret real-life people in fake videos or phone calls.

Simply put, only use official stores like PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Epic Games, etc. Be highly cautious when using aftermarket CD-key sites, personal ads, or online auctions.
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