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Grand Evoque Rumors Emerge: Possible FWD, New 1.8L Turbo

Let’s just start this post by saying that the international automotive industry gave a unanimous thumbs up to the Range Rover Evoque. And as our test drive proved, the compact SUV has looks like no other, with the only thing missing being a more powerful engine in our opinion.
Our test car 1 photo
You can’t buy press like that, so what Land Rover has to do now is capitalize on the success and increase production while also thinking of ways to sell more vehicles under the same name. With a massive hiring program announced, and the rumored Grand Evoque version on the way, they seem to have it taken care of.

But what will the future really hold for a larger Evoque. AutoCar, who first came forward with the information on the vehicle, has a fresh scoop. Supposedly, the plus-size model (pun intended) will be 300 mm longer and will likely debut with a brand new powertrain, an in-house built JLR 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with about 170 hp. Front-wheel drive is also on the table, as is a sporty version to cater to those for whom 240 hp just isn’t enough.


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