Gran Turismo 7 Trailer Shows Off Big Changes for a Fan Favorite Racetrack

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Gran Turismo 7 OnboardGran Turismo 7 OnboardGran Turismo 7 OnboardGran Turismo 7 OnboardGran Turismo 7 Onboard
Over the last few months we've seen a lot of different teasers and trailers about Gran Turismo 7, but none have let us see what it will actually look like from behind the wheel. This trailer shows that and a whole lot more about one of the most loved courses in the game.
Let's get some of the bad out of the way right off the top. The sound is far too familiar. In the lap, we're riding in a Lamborghini Murcielago from what I can tell.

Anywhere below about 6,000 RPM sounds exactly like the old games. If you're not a die-hard Gran Turismo fan, you won't know this, but basically, every game in the franchise has been chided for featuring pretty lackluster exhaust sound.

On the positive side, when the RPMs do climb above that, the engine does sound richer than in past games. Then there's the course itself. Deep Forest has never looked so good.

Every aspect and feature is brought to life in stunning detail. Even the mountains in the distance look fantastic. They even help to bring this track's name into focus. What's shocking is that the end of the track is all-new.

Instead of coming out of the tunnel and making a super high-speed left-hand turn, there's a gigantic straightway that ends in a hairpin. That hairpin then slowly navigates in a gentle right-hand curve back to the home stretch.

Going back and looking through the frames, we couldn't see anything that indicated that this was just one version of the course. There doesn't seem to be room for the old version as stands and pits are in that same area now.

Of course, this is a video game, and Polyphony could easily put both in even if they don't look like they could exist together. Only time will tell. The game is already available for pre-order.

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