Gran Torino Trailer Hits the Web

After watching the trailer only one thing comes to mind: Clint Eastwood should have definitely played Batman in “The Dark Knight”. Whereas Christian Bale struggled to achieve that smoky voice, Clint pulls it off in his latest movie Grand Torino perfectly and effortlessly.

The movie, as we previously reported, sees an old Korean War veteran struggle to get by in a fast-paced, modern world that sees him come into contact with the people he regards as foes – Asians. When one of his neighbors eyes the old Gran Torino, his most prized possession and a reminder of the distant days when he worked the Ford assembly line, the old man decided to teach him a thing or two about life.

After the poster and the plot line, now we have the trailer to drool over, and while the car doesn't get the expected amount of attention as we'd expect from the title, it's still an interesting story. Kudos to Clint for the scene in which he manages to kick an Asian gang member's a*s the old-fashioned American way.

The movie is sure to stir up a frenzy with critics since it's directed, produced and stars screen legend Clint Eastwood, whose films have picked up Oscars on a regular basis. It remains to be seen whether the car will contain a classic car scene that will live off in eternity, because the plot doesn't seem that centered on the car anymore.

Rather, the car acts as the catalyst for the whole conflict brewing at the start of the movie. Another thing to watch out for is Clint's M1 carbine, the only other thing he treasures outside his Ford Torino Sport.

The trailer is available on Apple's website in HD version too, but sadly it's not embeddable. If you click here ( however, you should be able to see it.
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