Grafito Aims to Be the Next Ultimate Luxury Sailing Yacht, Boasts Graphene Hull

Grafito Sailing Yacht 15 photos
Photo: Igor Jankovic
Grafito Sailing YachtGrafito Sailing YachtGrafito Sailing YachtGrafito Sailing YachtGrafito Sailing YachtGrafito Sailing YachtGrafito Sailing YachtGrafito Sailing YachtGrafito Sailing YachtGrafito Sailing YachtGrafito Sailing YachtGrafito Sailing YachtGrafito Sailing YachtGrafito Sailing Yacht
Yachts seem to offer a taste of a life rarely seen by most people, let alone felt. So, if you ever think about building something like this, it makes sense to create a vessel aimed at a particular customer lifestyle.
Ladies and gentlemen, what you see in the cover photo and gallery is known as the Grafito. It’s a sailing yacht design by one Igor Jankovic of Novi Sad, Serbia. This designer doesn’t only have a knack for sailing vessels but for product design as well. His skills extend even into the realm of robotics. Keep an eye out for his other works in future articles.

As for the Grafito, it’s a vessel meant to show what’s possible using a specific building material. If you guessed graphene, ten points for you. Yes, people, it’s a sailing yacht made with the freshest, most lightweight, and durable material man has developed. But one thing needs to be noted, the technology at hand right now doesn't allow for large-scale graphene construction, not for a cheap price anyway. Even then, with prices ranging anywhere from $70,000 to $200,000 for a ton of graphene powder, it isn’t the cheapest material to build with. Then you’ve got to shape it too; who knows what sort of extra tech would be needed for that?

Grafito Sailing Yacht
Photo: Igor Jankovic
However, the Grafito does showcase a general direction in which competitive sailing is headed, not necessarily luxury sailing. One use for graphene is to protect vessels at sea from lightning strikes, thanks to its superior conductive properties. Another property of graphene is its ability to keep other atoms from passing through it, making it a very efficient repellant. So efficient, in fact, that some claims out there note that graphene is able to offer a 50% decrease in drag.

Enough about graphene; what about the Grafito? Well, to get an idea of its size, know that the ship is designed with a 37-m (121-ft) hull in mind. This doesn’t make it the largest yacht on waters, but it does allow for a design that some manufacturers may show interest in.

The first noticeable feature, aside from the sails, is the hull. A flowing design that drops low and wide at the rear gives way to a vessel that is a pleasure to see, let alone be a guest on. The entire upper deck is composed of wood, which is perfect for both comfort and style, but functionality as well. The bow of the ship doesn’t include much, but aft, that story changes.

Here, you’ll find a beach club revealed by a segment of the hull that unfolds over the waters, creating a diving platform in the process. There's also room for a couple of lounge chairs and an inflatable tender. Also at the rear is the large outdoor lounge equipped with semicircular booth seating and a round table. Leather and wood are the main materials of choice in this area.

Grafito Sailing Yacht
Photo: Igor Jankovic
If you decide to head inside, take the nearby stairs and get ready for one luxurious and stylish interior. The only space which the designer decided to develop is the lounge and entertainment space below the deck. Wooden walls and paneling with carpet flooring and LED lighting offer a relaxed tone, while leather seating and plush pillows complete this area. Oh, and don’t forget about the TV. As for the remaining interior of the Grafito, nothing is shown. This makes sense really, considering a would-be client is the one to have the final say regarding the interior design.

One aspect that needs mentioning is the night-life on the yacht. Once the day is done and guests wish to continue their party aboard the ship, the entire upper deck is transformed into a beautiful light show controlled by light fixture after light fixture, most likely LEDs, built into the hull.

Back up top, it’s worth mentioning that this vessel has the possibility of cruising without the use of fossil fuels, making it a true eco-friendly luxury yacht. I wonder how much something like this would end up costing. Probably much more than anyone is ready to dish out for a day boat, so a concept it remains.
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