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Graffiti Artist Alec Monopoly Paints The Hood of a Rolls-Royce Ghost

Artists are known to be different, but who would’ve thought spraying satirical twists using the Monopoly man on L.A.’s billboards will actually bring wealth and fortune? It seems that is the case for the American street artist Alec Monopoly, who has recently done his trademark graphics on a white Rolls-Royce Ghost instead of billboards.
Alec Monopoly's Ghost 1 photo
Now that is what you call success as a painter, isn’t it? Although he is not very popular amongst celebrities, his graffitis are pretty easy to observe. Alec Monopoly is a pseudonym for a 28-year old street artist that is known for his satirical using the Monopoly man, in reference to contemporary styles or situations. Although he is from New York, he moved to Los Angeles in 2006, where he found that it’s easier to work considering he had many billboards in the city.

You might recall him from last year's Bieber moment when he created  “live” on a piece of red carpet, to publicize the singer’s concert documentary, “Justin Bieber’s Believe.” Bieber actually tried to paint one himself but stopped minutes after he realized he got his hands dirty.

Although we are not sure he owns the luxury car, we do know he painted it as a gift for the guys from Toys for Boys over in Miami. Alec Monopoly recently painted the beauty and we have to admit, his graffitis look pretty nice on cars as well.


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