Got a One-Ton Truck? Make It Adventure Proof With the Juno 10 Slide-In Camper

Since summer is here, we thought you might like to see what your road trips could look like. This next vehicle addition is for all you one-ton long bed truck owners: a slide-in camper.
Juno 10 Truck Camper 19 photos
Juno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck CamperJuno 10 Truck Camper
The vehicle addition you see here is known as the Juno 10, a slide-in truck camper from Outfitter Manufacturing. Yes, the same Outfitter that was started by Brian Ward and his father, Hubert Ward. Hubert’s experience goes back to 1959, and that knowledge shows in the construction of these RVs.

The reason I chose to bring the Juno 10 to your attention is because of its versatility. As it stands, this camper is compatible with a very long list of trucks ranging from Chevy, GMC, Ford, and Ram, all full-size, ¾ or one-ton, long bed vehicles. With a dry weight of 2,430 lbs (1,102 kg), your motor should be fine lugging this turtle shell around. Overall, the Juno is 205 in (520 cm) long, 87.5 in (222 cm) wide, and has an interior height when open of 81 in (205 cm), which should give you an idea of its size.

But when you’re looking to take a trip into the wilderness, more important than a good fit is a good home. With a starting price of $47,995, the Juno offers two things to its would-be owners: the ability to escape the city life and a home equipped with more than enough amenities for a person like myself.

Juno 10 Truck Camper
To help you get away from the normal (and stay away), the Juno shows up with a range of amenities and features to give you a taste of off-grid life. With a true composite foam core body and roof with full insulation, and three-layer Weblon insulated soft wall, you shouldn’t have to worry about what’s going on outside. In case you’re curious, solar reflective windows allow you to peak into the world from your cocoon. Let the 20,000 BTU furnace provide your desired temperature.

Off-grid means more than just spending time huddled together with other RVs in a park sucking up electricity, so you’ll be able to find a 100-watt panel and controller from Go Power!, four 6-volt batteries, and a 45-amp PD converter with 3-stage Charge Wizard. If you want more electrical options than this, be sure to check out the extensive list of extras that Outfitter offers.

To supply yourself with water for your trip, a city water connection is available and feeds a 44-gallon (166.5-liter) freshwater tank. A Shurflo electric pump supplies all spaces with fresh water. Grey and black water tanks are both available in 16-gallon (60.5-liter) capacities. If the restroom is occupied and you feel the need for a wash, an outdoor shower with a DSI water heater is standard.

Inside the Juno, a rustic and wooden construction gives off a feeling of the past. Sure, it looks plain and simple, but the maple cabinet doors and other woodwork should offer a solid construction. My only question regards the treatment of the wood, as this material tends to absorb moisture.

Juno 10 Truck Camper
A NovaKool fridge with AC/DC ability, three burner slide-in cooktop with bi-fold cover and piezo ignition, and solid countertop make up the amenities you’ll need to cook food fresh, while a dinette, marine-grade porcelain toilet, and shower stall complete your needs.

Offering a night's rest, a north/south queen bed sits in the cabover with under-bed storage and bins all around. Don’t worry about stored goods as a heated basement protects everything. One neat feature you’ll find available on the Juno 10 is the expanding tent room at the back. If you’re having extra guests or just feel like sleeping outdoors, just lower the rear platform and sleep “outside” the camper in a fully enclosed tent.

To get an idea of how much a loaded Juno 10 will run you, we configured a model that includes an extra solar panel, larger inverter, side awning, Yakima tracks and ladders, and a few other essential off-grid accessories, and it only ran us $53,400. How much will your Juno 10 dream cost you?

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