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Gorgeous One Owner Mazda RX-7 Sells on Doug DeMuro's Auction Website

Mazda’s rotary engine may have gone dodo quite some time ago. That won’t stop die-hard fans of the quirky little motors from lusting after every single vehicle they managed to find themselves inside. The cream of the crop for most people is the venerable FD RX-7, the one we’ve found for you today also happens to be a one-owner example that’s spent its entire life in California.
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It comes to us today from, the modern era car auction website founded by the automotive YouTuber Doug DeMuro. In a blurb below the listing, Doug offered a unique perspective on the striking bright orange Mazda for sale via the C&B user yegishen based in Cypress, California.

“I love the FD RX-7, and I think it’s one of the most beautiful Japanese cars ever made,” the world-renowned auto-vlogger proclaimed. “It also boasts a seriously thrilling driving experience thanks in part to a turbocharged rotary engine and a fantastic chassis.” It’s not like we needed Doug’s convincing to get us all interested, but it’s still cool regardless.

Indeed, 85,200 miles (132,770 km) are a lot for a rotary engine, but the aftermarket bright orange paint job usually found on the Jaguar F-Type does more than enough to hide signs of aging. Documentation that comes with the vehicle shows evidence of an engine rebuild somewhere around the 74k mile mark and a replacement five-speed transmission install in 2015.

Other modifications include 17-inch TSW Valencia wheels, TEIN Coilover suspension, an APEXi Power FC engine management system, and a Pioneer touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity.

The 1.3-liter rotary engine made around 241 horsepower when it was fresh from the factory. With a recent engine rebuild and added ECU Mods, expect the car to maintain the boosted 255 horsepower numbers indicated in the ad even almost 30 years later.

And what was the price someone just paid to put this RX-7 in their garage? $37,250 of the finest American Ben Franklins, not including undisclosed taxes and fees. If papa Doug’s pride and joy website keeps pumping out gems like this one, it might not be long before we’re all lining up to buy cars from him.

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