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Gordon Ramsay Loves His California T, Admits to Wrapping Plates in Clingfilm

Oh no, the cooking perfectionist has admitted to doing something illegal in a recent interview. According to Gordon Ramsay, the only way to enjoy the performance of a Ferrari in California is hiding the number plates, so you don't get speeding tickets.
Gordon Ramsay Loves His California T, Admits to Wrapping Plates in Clingfilm 1 photo
I don't know about you guys, but whenever I cut anything as simple as a potato, I hear Gordon Ramsay's voice calling me "stupid twat" in the back of my head, whatever that means. There's no question the guy made cooking into a form of mainstream media, with shows like Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmare.

The guy just lost 50lbs and saved his marriage, so it seems he can do anything. However, Gordon has one vice besides the food, and that's Ferraris. As far as we know, his collection in Britain includes eight such Prancing Horses.

Ironically, the one he enjoys in California is also called California. Roughly two years ago, the entry-level Ferrari received a complex mid-life transformation that also included a new 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that makes it even faster. You can check out Gordon driving the California T in Maranello a couple of years ago. His is red, not blue, by the way.

You can't really enjoy a car that will hit 196 miles per hour in a state where the highway speed limit is usually 65 mph. Surprise, surprise!

So rather than calling it quits, Gordon floors it at 2:30 AM when there are no policemen. And according to his interview with Sky News, he also wraps the number plates in clingfilm. This prevents him getting speeding tickets because when the camera flashes, the light is reflected by the film.

We honestly don't know why Gordon spilled the beans. Within no time, police will start looking for a cherry red California T with clingfilm on its plates in the middle of the night. TMZ has the video!

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