Google X Reveals its Own Delivery Drone - Project Wings

Google Project Wings 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
You probably know the Wright brothers for inventing the airplane, right? Well, there were different attempts even before them. For example, 13 years before the famous brothers’ flight, Frenchman Clement Ader flew a steam-powered plane in Paris but didn’t patented his machine. This only proves the theory that the information in this world is equally scattered around, otherwise how could people from different continents invent the same thing without sharing their ideas?
The same thing gets proved today, as Google revealed its new delivery drone that works both as a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) and as a normal plane. A thing on which they say to have been working on for two years.

Funny, because that’s exactly how the VertiKUL drone works, which got revealed by three students earlier this month as their project for the master degree. So, either some info from Google X got leaked, or it’s that law about information being equally scattered through the universe at work here.

Whatever the case, it seems that Google’s drone is a bit better at doing its job than what we’ve seen before. Unlike the VertiKUL, Google’s Wings (the official name is Project Wings) doesn’t need special landing zones. In fact, it doesn’t even need to land, because it can hover over at the destination and lower the cargo on a rope.

That’s because Google aims its Project Wings at helping delivering things in remote areas, especially during times of disaster relief. Do check the video bellow and see how it works.

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