Google Wants to Replace Driver’s Licenses, Car Keys With Android Phones

Android devices are capable of doing all sorts of things. Most recently, they have pretty much replaced the traditional credit cards, given that they allow us to make payments in a matter of seconds using just an NFC sensor.
Samsung is one of the companies planning to replace car keys with a phone 1 photo
And now, Google is pushing forward with an ambitious plan to give Android devices a new purpose. The company wants phones running its operating system to replace car keys and the traditional driver’s license.

In an announcement today, Google introduced the Android Ready SE Alliance, a new effort allowing companies and partners to get access to resources that would help them develop the necessary requirements to offer such capabilities.

In other words, it’s a way to make sure OEMs are capable of taking advantage of the improvements Google has made in Android, and these include security systems supposed to make handling such critical data as safe as possible.

The search giant explains that personal information requires a mix of tamper-resistant hardware and key storage, with the latter already bundled with Android and called StrongBox. As part of the new program, Google announced that StrongBox is ready for general availability, which means any OEM can use it to develop such technology.

As far as the hardware part is concerned, Google’s very own Pixel series is the best example in this regard. It packs a chip called Titan M specifically built for such implementations, allowing for new-gen systems that wouldn’t be otherwise possible without a dedicated secure element.

As for when Android devices would finally be able to double as car keys and mobile driver’s licenses, it’s all just a matter of time, but expect more information in this regard later this year. Samsung is among the companies that want their phones to replace car keys, with an announcement shared in January promising that such capabilities could land by the summer.


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