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Google VP's Wife Drives Her Ferrari FXX K Racecar on Wet Spa, Because Race Wife

We met the motorsport side of Google VP Benjamin Sloss Treynor and his wife Kristine last week, when we broke the news about the woman taking delivery of her Ferrari FXX K racecar.
Google VP's Wife Drives Her Ferrari FXX K Racecar 1 photo
And when your nickname is because race wife, you won't baby your motorsport-transformed LaFerrari, so here we are, showing you how Kristine womanhandles her machine.

The Ferrari-racing couple has recently enjoyed the kind of spa treatment that's suitable to car aficionados - a track day at Spa-Francorchamps.

They were out in the FXX K in the wet, with Kristine doing her thing behind the wheel and it's all been captured in the video below. As a bonus, the soundtrack of the footage includes a choir of FXX Ks and can easily serve as an ode to V12 natural aspiration.

In fact, given the turbocharging trend that is taking over the performance side of the industry, we've listened to the clip about a dozen times.So what does he drive?
In case you haven't read the previous article and are wondering what Benjamin drives when he races his wife, you should know he enjoys spending time in his Ferrari 599XX.

As you can imagine, the 599XX, which is the previous Ferrari Corse Clienti (customer racing) machine, is slower than the FXX K.

Here's how Google's engineering VP explains the choice of vehicles in his family: “Honest answer? I'm typically 2-3 secs/lap faster than her on track day, and giving her a car which is 3 secs/lap faster than mine (at Fiorano, anyway) puts us on even footing. She's improving faster than I am however, so soon I'll have a runaway bride to chase on-track. And that's a great way to spend the day together.

We have to admit it, you can't argue with that logic.

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