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Google Silently Removes a Google Maps Feature Because Nobody Was Using It

Google Maps is a great app not only for drivers out there who use its outstanding navigation capabilities but also for people who rely on transit for their daily commutes.
Google Maps schedule explorer in transit mode 6 photos
Google Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigation
Needless to say, Google has introduced all kinds of extra tools for the transit mode, including a schedule explorer that few people even know existed.

It’s not hard to figure out what schedule explorer was supposed to do, given its pretty self-explanatory name, but as it turns out, its limited usage ended up becoming quite a concern for Google.

The search giant has therefore decided to drop the feature entirely, surprisingly, without telling anyone about it.

Posts all over the web ask about the availability of the schedule explorer in the transit mode, with some users claiming the feature went dark in January before returning in February, only to go missing once again in March. This time, however, it seems it’s permanent, as the schedule explorer has been removed on purpose by Google.

The confirmation comes from a Platinum Product Expert on Google’s forums, as they claim they’ve been in contact with Google, with the company confirming the feature was removed due to the very limited usage.

At this point, no replacement is available, so it goes without saying that many are very disappointed to see the feature go. On the other hand, as said, few users even know such a feature existed in the first place, so Google probably had a very good reason to drop it once and for all.

More surprising is that the company hasn’t released an official announcement in this regard. There are plenty of users out there trying all kinds of workarounds because they think it’s all just a glitch, so maybe a public statement on this helps set things straight.

We’ve reached out to Google specifically for some comments on the removal of the schedule explorer and will update the article when and if we hear back.


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