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Google Silently Overhauling Assistant Driving Mode, Google Maps Now Built In

The Google Assistant Driving Mode was announced last year, and it was supposed to provide us with a completely new experience when getting behind the wheel.
New Google Assistant Driving Mode 1 photo
Google already has several applications optimized for drivers, including Android Auto, Android Auto for phones, Google Maps, Waze, and Google Assistant, but the goal appears to be bringing them closer together for a more unified experience.

After the Google Maps new driving mode has recently been spotted in its early days, it now looks that Google has been silently working on giving a similar overhaul to the Google Assistant Driving Mode too.

An APK teardown conducted by the folks over at 9to5Google provides us with a closer look at what’s to come to Google Assistant users in the car, and by the looks of things, the experience will be somewhat similar to the one discovered recently in Google Maps.

In other words, the Assistant will become more of a hub for drivers, taking care of calls and messages, while muting everything else.

But also notable is that the Google Assistant Driving Mode will come with Google Maps built in, so you’ll be able to access additional features, like navigation, podcasts, and music players from a dedicated app screen. A toolbar at the bottom of the screen will let you do this with just a tap.

Needless to say, this new Assistant experience is still a work in progress, so nobody knows for sure when it is projected to go live for users. What we do know, however, is that Google is clearly focusing a lot on the driving experience, and Android Auto would no longer be the only offering in this regard.

Most likely, Android Auto and Android Automotive will continue to spearhead the company’s push in the car, but at the same time, the deeper integration of Google services in other apps, such as Google Maps in Google Assistant, will help the technology behemoth conquer both old and new cars.


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