Google's Autonomous Bubble Car Is Featured in GTA V, but It Might Need Some Work

The best thing about video games these days is that, unlike ten or more years ago, when you finish the game, you don't have to wait for its developer to release some pricey sequels to continue to have fun with your purchase. No, not with such an active world of game modders out there.
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One of their favorite titles has got to be the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series that was launched last year. Returning to San Andreas (a fictional copy of San Francisco), the fifth game of the franchise takes the recipe that made it famous and develops it even further. But, essentially, you still have to steal cars, drive cars, and shoot stuff.

One of the things that made the GTA games famous was the obvious references to real-life things or persons, coupled with the ever-present satirical tone. In fact, this even led to a lawsuit, as actress Lindsay Lohan wasn't too flattered about one of the game's characters named Lacey Jonas (whom the player helps escape the paparazzi).

It's not just second-grade Hollywood actresses (sorry, Lindsay, but GTA is actually doing you a favor) that made it into the game but also the products of very big tech companies. We'll ignore the mobile phone the player uses that's branded "Fruit," and focus on something introduced more recently via a third-party mod.

All this talk of autonomous cars couldn't have gone unnoticed, so somebody thought it would be fun to allow the player to experience a ride in Google's Bubble Car. He didn't bother modeling the vehicle to resemble its real-life correspondent, but that's not the worst part. It would appear the autonomous cars have solved the moral dilemma that's been holding them back from becoming mainstream, but its solution might not please everyone: instead of bothering to decide which is the lesser evil, GTA V's Google Bubble Car is on a mission to kill every living being instead.

Watch this hilarious clip and go play Grand Theft Auto V, because you know you'll want to.

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