Google Releases Waze Beta Update with Critical Fix for Android and Android Auto

A new beta build of Waze for Android and Android Auto is now available for download, and this time the release is pretty important because it brings critical fixes for some users.
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Waze for AndroidWaze for AndroidWaze for AndroidWaze for AndroidWaze for Android
While installing a beta update obviously isn’t recommended on the main phone because of the increased likelihood of bugs, this new release might actually be worth a try since Waze didn’t work correctly in the first place for many people.

More specifically those who updated to Android 11 found out the hard way that Waze lost the GPS connection and therefore failed to determine where they are. This eventually broke down the application entirely, as Waze ended up showing incorrect navigation directions for a configured location.

Google has already promised a fix to resolve the whole thing, and this update was supposed to land last week. The company, however, said it decided to push its release back for a few more days, and this highly anticipated Waze update for Android and Android Auto is supposed to go live any day now.

In the meantime, the Google-owned has shipped Waze beta build, and I can confirm that the GPS lock takes place instantly after launching the app.

Waze has been trying to fix the GPS problem for several 4.67 beta versions now, but 0.4 seems to be the one that finally brings things back normal. So what the company does at this point is to try to collect some last-minute feedback to see if the issue is gone for everybody before finally rolling out the update to all production devices.

Needless to say, while this problem might be fixed, you should still be careful if you want to install beta software on your device. Other things could always go wrong since this is a version supposed to be used for testing, so you’d better create a backup of everything else just to be sure you’re on the safe side.


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