Google Releases Updates That Could Significantly Improve Android Auto

Google has released highly-anticipated updates that could help fix several major issues in Android Auto, and you are, of course, recommended to install them as soon as possible.
Google app version on Android 8 photos
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The new updates aren’t for Android Auto but for the Google app, which also powers the Assistant that you use both on the phone and in the car with AA running on the head unit. Furthermore, there’s a new version of the Google Play Services, which could resolve issues in Android Auto as well, as some have previously encountered errors caused by this OS component.

More specifically, Google has apparently released two different Google app updates today. On my device, the latest version of the Google app is, as you can see in the screenshot here, but a second update is also available to increase the version to 11.6.7. At this point, I can’t yet tell if these new releases improve the experience with Android Auto.

The Google Play Services have also received an update to version 20.12.16, just a minor update from the previous 20.12.15 release, so it’s probably safe to assume that it includes just minor fixes which may or may not concern Android Auto.

As for the Android Auto bugs that could be resolved with updates for the Google app, there are three of them.

First, it’s an error that indicates the “Internet connection is not stable” when trying to use voice commands for sending and replying to messages. Then, it’s the infamous bug that breaks down all voice commands in Android Auto and causes “OK, Google” input to no longer work. And third, it’s an issue that only affects voice commands for the Google Assistant, as Google itself acknowledged earlier this year.

The Mountain View-based tech giant confirmed “the Assistant team prepared a fix for upcoming version updates on the Google app,” but without providing any specifics regarding the version supposed to bring this highly-anticipated patch.


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