Google Releases Must-Have Fix for Android Auto

Google has announced fixes for a major Android Auto bug that blocked the Samsung Galaxy S21 from launching the app when connected to a head unit.
The bug has been fixed in Android Auto 6.1 1 photo
Released in mid-January, the Galaxy S21 is Samsung’s latest and greatest phone, coming with the best the company has to offer right now in the mobile market.

But as some users figured out the hard way, this does not guarantee a smooth Android Auto experience, as simply plugging in the smartphone and attempting to launch the app fails without any error or message on the screen.

While users have tried all kinds of workarounds so far, including even full resets, the problem has apparently been tracked down to Android Auto and Google Chrome, both of which have generated a mix of glitches, making it impossible to bring back the normal behavior.

In an announcement a few hours ago, Google confirms it has managed to identify the bug and release fixes that are available right now for all users.

More specifically, you need to update to the latest version of Android Auto and Google Chrome on your Samsung Galaxy S21 to fix the issue.

Thanks for sharing the bug reports to identify the root cause of the issue. A fix has been applied for Android Auto app version 6.1 (currently rolling out in Google Play) and Chrome app version 88.0.4324.181 or higher (available in Google Play for everyone). A configuration change to the Chrome app unrelated to Android Auto caused an unexpected combination of bugs in some head units and the Android operating system,” a member of the Android Auto team explained.

Android Auto 6.1 has already been released earlier this month, and you can find the latest APK installer on this page. The newest Google Chrome build is also up for grabs here, but both updates can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store (though keep in mind Google typically uses a gradual rollout to devices across the world).


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