Google Now Tells You When to Get off the Bus

Useless technology, another way to tell Big Brother where you go or simply another step to turn us into blobs of fat doing everything from a touchscreen, call it what you want, but Google Now’s new feature will make a lot of sense to those who prefer to take a little nap during their daily public transportation commute.
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Google never ceases to amaze us with its new tech, and if you won’t be able to buy yourself a self-driving vehicle from it and sleep all the way to work to soon, you can upgrade your Google Now app and do the same thing in the bus or the metro.

Android’s search app Google Now has just been enhanced with a feature that warns the smartphone’s owner to get off the public transport vehicle at the nearest stop to their destination.

The feature was developed with people visiting foreign countries in mind, but if you are a bit groggy in the morning, you can simply enter the destination in Google Now, specify what means of transportation your are using, get aboard, find a seat and enjoy some more snoozing.

The alarm, which will be separated from your standard wake-up one, will go off in time to let you know it’s time to get off. You won’t arrive late for work/school, tourists will better navigate in new cities, Mr. G. Oogle will know your daily schedule and everyone is happy.

Google Now also received a feature called Parking Location, which enables users track down the place where they parked the car, and another one going by the name of Public Alerts which incorporates tweets from disaster-struck areas.


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