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Google Maps, Waze Crashing on Samsung Phone Due to Overheating

Samsung Galaxy Note20 is the newest high-end phone launched by the South Korean company, and we told you earlier, it’s supposed to run Android Auto just fine.
Waze running in multi-window mode on the Note20 6 photos
Samsung Galaxy Note20Samsung Galaxy Note20Samsung Galaxy Note20Samsung Galaxy Note20Samsung Galaxy Note20
A test we conducted a few weeks ago proved that some of the connectivity issues previously encountered with the Galaxy S lineup are no longer there, and Note20 users should theoretically enjoy a more stable experience on Android Auto overall.

But on the other hand, those who don’t use Android Auto but run navigation apps on the phone’s screen have come across another problem.

The device is getting too hot when the multi-window mode is used, so the apps are eventually closed, with the Note20 requiring users to give it some time to cool down.

There are several complaints on Samsung’s forums coming from users whose new Note20 smartphones are suffering from overheating when using certain apps or running them in multi-window mode.

This is the first time on an Android phone with the same setup that I got this message. I was running Waze and YouTube at the same time. The phone was not charging. Is this normal? All my past Android phones never had this issue even with hours of multi-window use. The phone also gets hot when using the camera,” someone explains on Samsung’s forums.

At this point, there’s no workaround for the whole thing, but the good news is that this doesn’t appear to happen to everybody who purchased Samsung’s latest phone.

For example, there’s no overheating on my Note20 Ultra, and I just tried running two apps side by side in the multi-window mode and everything appears to be working correctly.

But on the other hand, I expect Samsung to resolve the whole thing in the coming weeks with a software update, which makes total sense given the Note20 is still a brand-new device and additional fixes are shipped in the first months of availability.


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