Google Maps Uses Drawn Version of the Bilster Berg Circuit

Good guy Google knows that getting the latest satellite images from every single piece of land on our planet is a quite a bit on the tedious side - especially since most of the Earth's surface is constantly changing.
Google Maps View of the Bilster Berg Driving Resort 5 photos
Bilster Berg Driving ResortBilster Berg Driving ResortBilster Berg Driving ResortBilster Berg Driving Resort on Google Maps
No, we are not talking about floods or earthquakes but the constantly changing scenery via newly man made constructions. We admire the men and women from Google Maps though, as they put all their efforts in providing the users with the latest images of the surroundings as seen from the miles high satellites that are orbiting our beloved planet.

The newly-built Bilster Berg private track, part of the Bilster Berg Driving Resort in Germany, hasn't yet been photographed by a Sputnik relative, so you will not be able to see its wonderful curves via satellite.

Fortunately, the peeps at Google Maps have pretty much drawn the track on a real aerial photo of the area it's built on, so you can still get an idea of how it looks from above.  You can check out the the drawn version of the circuit here. Well played!


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