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Google Maps Updated with New Features Exclusive to Apple Users

Google Maps is the preferred navigation app not only on Android, which is Google’s own playground but also on iOS. Apple users typically give up on Apple Maps and go for Google Maps as well, especially if they don’t live in the U.S. and therefore lack some of the most advanced capabilities developed by Apple.
New Google Maps widgets on iPhone 6 photos
Google Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigation
Google Maps thus feels at home on Apple devices, and this is the reason the Mountain View-based tech giant is working around the clock on improving the experience in this ecosystem.

Most recently, Google announced a new set of Google Maps features specifically aimed at Apple users, and it all starts with new widgets available for iPhones.

The new Google Maps widget provides one-tap access to trips that have already been pinned in the GO Tab. And needless to say, the widget displays useful information, such as the ETA, a suggested route if you travel by car, and details regarding the departure time if you rely on transit.

In addition, Google Maps also comes with an improved navigation experience on the Apple Watch. If you have an Apple smartwatch, you probably know already that Google Maps does come with navigation support on the device. However, users are required to first start the navigation on the iPhone and only then get directions on the smartwatch.

Starting with this new update, everything can be done on the Apple Watch, as the Google Maps shortcut on the Apple Watch allows you to easily start the navigation without the need for the iPhone.

And last but not least, Google Maps comes with Siri and Spotlight integration, so you can now set up your own shortcuts and interact with the digital assistant for more convenient navigation. This feature, however, isn’t ready just yet, with Google explaining it will start rolling out in the coming months to the first waves of Apple users.


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