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Google Maps Updated With a New Feature Waze Has Been Offering for Years

Navigation apps have become must-haves not only for the daily commute in an attempt to beat the crazy city traffic but also for longer journeys when finding just the right path is absolutely needed.
Toll prices in Google Maps 6 photos
Google Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigation
Obviously, Google Maps is often the preferred option, especially as it covers most of the planet and is frequently updated with the latest information on the road network out there.

Starting this month, Google Maps is getting a new feature that will definitely come in handy during longer trips: toll price information in the United States, India, Japan, and Indonesia.

If you believe you’ve seen the same feature somewhere else, you’re not wrong. Waze was first updated with toll estimates back in 2019, so Google Maps getting the same capability some three years later is rather surprising.

While it’s clearly better late than never, Google says it’s putting users in full control over the toll roads available in Google Maps. While the application is now prepared to show toll prices, it can very well guide you on toll-free routes as well.

When you search for a destination, Google Maps can display the toll-free option as an alternative. And, of course, you can disable toll roads completely from settings, meaning that Google Maps will only search for toll-free routes going forward.

The new feature is rolling out to users in stages, and the Mountain View-based search giant promises that more countries would be coming soon. For the time being, only four regions are getting support for toll estimates, and Google says it’s working with local tolling authorities to make sure the displayed prices are as accurate as possible.

The company has developed the feature in a way that’s supposed to make it as helpful as possible, so it analyzes lots of factors, including the day of the week, the cost of the toll at the estimated time of your crossing, as well as payment methods.


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