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Google Maps Update Disables Navigation Unless You Enable Data Collection

Google Maps has become a must-have navigation app for maybe millions of drivers out there, and it’s all because it provides incredibly accurate traffic data, including real-time conditions, disruptions, and speed.
Google Maps data collection prompt 6 photos
Google Maps toll informationGoogle Maps toll informationGoogle Maps toll informationGoogle Maps toll informationGoogle Maps toll information
And all of these allow Google Maps to easily find the best route for each driver, therefore making reaching a specific destination not only much more convenient but also faster and safer.

But in order to work properly, Google Maps relies on crowdsourcing, a concept that involves each and every user running the app to contribute with relevant data to the service.

In the case of Google Maps, this data includes information related to the used route and the GPS location, as it helps the platform figure out if the traffic conditions are appropriate for other drivers as well, and therefore estimate the ETA to a defined destination.

The more users contribute with such information, the more accurate Google Maps gets, so, at the end of the day, it’s something that just has to happen if we want the platform to work properly.

Google has recently updated Google Maps with a new prompt showing up on iPhone and Android to clearly reveal what data is being collected from devices when running the app.

Google uses your and other people’s navigation data to improve Maps for everyone. As you navigate, Google collects details, such as GPS location and the route you took. This data may be used to make information, including real-time traffic conditions and disruptions, visible to others and help them find the fastest route,” Google says.

Without a doubt, this new prompt comes in handy to everyone running Google Maps, as it makes it clearer how their data is being used. But as per a recent report, clicking Cancel in this prompt actually leads to Google Maps disabling turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance, and instead will only allow the app to offer visual step-by-step directions.

In other words, you need to agree with the data collection or stop using turn-by-turn navigation completely in Google Maps.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily such a big deal because most people already agreed with the whole thing before the prompt was introduced in the app, so overall, it’s a step forward towards more transparency on the data collection front.


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