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Google Maps Sets New Download Record as It Keeps Dominating Android Auto

Google Maps is the preferred choice in terms of navigation apps on pretty much every mobile device out there, including Android phones and iPhones.
Google Maps on Android Auto 6 photos
Android Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interface
And Google Maps dominating Apple’s ecosystem says a lot about just how popular this app has ended up becoming. But on the other hand, Google Maps is also a big success on its own playground.

As discovered recently, the latest figures published on the Google Play Store revealed that Google Maps is a total hit on Android. The app has been installed no less than 10 billion times, which makes it the third most downloaded name on Android after Google Play services and YouTube.

Google Maps previously reached 5 billion installs back in March 2019, so it needed a little bit more than two years to double the figure and reach this historic milestone.

Without a doubt, Android Auto users had a major contribution to this figure.

Google Maps was, is, and will continue to be the top navigation choice on Android Auto too, and now that Google is replacing the mobile app with a driving mode, it’s playing an even more important role overall.

Google Maps is powering the navigation capabilities in the driving mode, which means it’s the default solution offered to those who replace Android Auto for phones with the new system bundled with Android.

And of course, Google Maps is also getting notable improvements on all fronts, including on Android Auto. Google has recently announced that it’s updating the navigation experience with new settings to let users decide how they want the UI to be aligned, therefore adapting the interface to a right-hand-drive car more accurately.

This is an update based on user feedback, so at the end of the day, Google Maps becoming so popular is also a result of Google listening to feature requests and making them happen with new versions of the app.


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