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Google Maps Sends Groom to Wrong Address, He Fails to Notice the Different Bride

Navigation apps aren’t always the most accurate, and while their errors could sometimes lead to fatal endings, what happened recently in Indonesia is as funny as it is, well, a little embarrassing.
Google Maps sent the man to the wrong address 1 photo
A groom and his friends used Google Maps to get to the location of his wedding, but the navigation app reportedly sent them to a different venue where another such event was taking place, and for some reason nobody noticed they’re in the wrong place at first.

As it turns out, the bride was busy getting ready for the wedding, so she couldn’t see the groom and figure out she was about to marry a different man. While we don’t know what excuse the groom came up with given a bunch of people he didn’t know greeted him after the arrival, but it looks like the blunder was eventually noticed by the family of the bride.

The whole thing happened in Indonesia, with the wedding scheduled to take place at Losari Hamlet of Pakis District in central Java. Google Maps, however, pointed the groom and his friends to Jengkol Hamlet, a nearby location where another ceremony was about to take place.

We know what you’re thinking. Where was the big man of the second event, the one that the bride was supposed to marry, and how come he didn’t do anything about it when another pretender showed up?

Well, the man was also on his way to the wedding when he decided to stop at a toilet. You certainly can’t blame the man for being nervous, but to be honest, he certainly picked the most inappropriate time to stop for a quick poop.

In the end, everyone apparently joked about the boo-boo and the two families actually exchanged gifts. We still don’t know when the actual groom arrived at the wedding and whether the poophoria made him a little bit more relaxed during the event.


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