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Google Maps Rival Sygic Gets New Features in the Latest Updates

While Google hasn’t shipped any new Google Maps updates for CarPlay since December 1, other developers out there have been hard at work to improve their navigation solutions.
Sygic on CarPlay 1 photo
And Sygic is one of them, as the company has focused on polishing the experience with its GPS navigation app on iPhone and CarPlay, not only with new capabilities but also with additional fixes and optimizations under the hood.

The latest updates have therefore introduced important improvements, starting with “lifeguard,” a new capability available since version 20.6.0. Lifeguard is a new car accident emergency feature to send alerts, and the parent company says this has been developed with the sole purpose of “saving lives on the road.

Beginning with the December update, Sygic also comes with a new EULA screen, while also addressing a series of crashes within the app, so overall, everything should run much smoother now.

The first update of 2021 for Sygic brings the app to version 20.6.1, and it introduces a fix for the ETA feature, as the parent company says this one didn’t work properly in the previous versions.

Sygic is one of the companies trying to make their apps feel as polished as possible behind the wheel, and in addition to the iOS client, the dev team is also working on bringing the navigation solution to Android Auto. This is because Google has unlocked Android Auto for third parties, allowing other developers to release navigation apps that could be used in the car. Sygic is one of the first to take advantage of this update.

Sygic for Android Auto is currently in testing, and it should be released for everyone rather sooner than later. And without a doubt, this commitment to improving the experience overall and always adding new capabilities will definitely make Sygic a worthy alternative to Google Maps on all platforms where the app is available for users.


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