Google Maps Rival Gets Waze-Inspired Features on CarPlay

Google Maps is indeed the go-to navigation app for a significant number of CarPlay users, but this doesn’t necessarily mean worthy alternatives don’t exist.
HERE WeGo on CarPlay 6 photos
HERE WeGo on CarPlayHERE WeGo on CarPlayHERE WeGo on CarPlayHERE WeGo on CarPlayHERE WeGo on CarPlay
And those who tried out HERE’s solutions certainly know this best, as these applications come with an impressive feature package that can always replace the likes of Google Maps and Apple Maps for users who want to reach a destination faster and more conveniently.

And most recently, HERE WeGo, one of the best alternatives to Google Maps for iPhone and CarPlay, has been updated with a couple of new features that make so much sense when getting behind the wheel.

And the first of them is inspired by the Google-owned Waze. HERE WeGo can now send a notification about traffic incidents ahead, therefore allowing you to plan your journey more efficiently.

As you probably know already if you’ve used tried out Waze, this application allows users to send reports about a wide variety of road incidents, including accidents, traffic jams, speed traps, roadkill, and others. As a result, users can be warned in advance when approaching the location of a new report, so in theory, the experience behind the wheel overall is getting safer.

This is the purpose of the new notifications sent by HERE WeGo as well. By letting drivers know what to expect in advance, the application helps them be prepared when approaching the location of an incident and therefore act accordingly.

At the same time, HERE WeGo has been updated with a new feature that makes so much sense these days. It’s a fuel price filter that allows users to select a gas station to go to based on the current prices.

In other words, you can search for the cheapest gas in the region and then use HERE WeGo to navigate to its location. This feature, however, is only available for certain European countries.

Both new features are available in HERE WeGo version 4.2.300 available in the App Store here.


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