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Google Maps Rival Gets a Big Update With New CarPlay Features

There are plenty of alternatives to Google Maps out there, and needless to say, each comes with its very own set of features supposed to set it apart from the competition.
TomTom GO Navigation on CarPlay 6 photos
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On the other hand, many people choose to stay with Google Maps, not only for the highly complex feature lineup but also because of the freeware license, as they can access all capabilities without paying.

This is where premium products from navigation specialists like TomTom, HERE, and Sygic sometimes lose the battle with Google Maps, though it goes without saying they typically provide excellent value for the money.

TomTom GO Navigation is currently one of the leading navigation apps on the market, and the most recent updates have improved it substantially, bringing new capabilities to both Android and iPhone users.

One of the latest new versions, for example, comes with CarPlay refinements. Published on the App Store in mid-June, version 3.2 (still the latest release at the time of writing) includes voice notification support for an upcoming alternate route, therefore making it easier to choose which way to go.

Needless to say, voice notifications come in super-handy when getting behind the wheel, as they make it possible for the driver to keep their eyes on the road without the need to look at the screen to interact with the navigation app.

The second improvement specifically aimed at CarPlay concerns the incoming traffic delays. TomTom says that CarPlay users can now see the total traffic delay on the CarPlay route bar, thus making the experience overall a little bit more straightforward.

Without a doubt, Google Maps alternatives improving on Android and iPhone, as well as on Android Auto and CarPlay, is good news for everybody. The competition is a good thing, and more often than not, it’s what fuels the development of new capabilities that eventually make the software we use more advanced both in short and in the long term.


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