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Google Maps Rival Announces Major Update with New Navigation Features

While Google Maps is getting better and better (though, depending on who you ask, it may actually get worse following the latest updates), there are plenty of alternatives out there that are ready to serve those people aiming for a world without Google.
HERE WeGo on Apple CarPlay 6 photos
HERE WeGo on CarPlayHERE WeGo on CarPlayHERE WeGo on CarPlayHERE WeGo on CarPlayHERE WeGo on CarPlay
Navigation specialist HERE, for instance, has already launched several mobile applications that help people go from where they are to where they want to be more conveniently.

These apps are available on both Android and iPhone, and one of the most popular has just received a welcome update that improves its navigation feature arsenal.

HERE WeGo has recently been updated to version 4.4.200 – at first glance, this doesn’t seem like a major update, given the previous build was 4.4.100.

But in fact, it actually is, as the update comes with two new welcome goodies.

First of all, it’s a feature that allows users to configure the time when they want to arrive at the destination. The application can therefore find a route based on the user-defined timing and therefore make sure you’re never late to the destination.

Of course, this isn’t something entirely new, as both Google Maps and Waze come with similar functionality and can even offer notifications to make sure you leave on time.

HERE WeGo is also getting an option to configure the maximum speed. In other words, if you’re afraid you may go over the speed limit, the application now allows you to configure the maximum threshold and therefore be alerted when you reach the limit.

It goes without saying it’d be a lot easier to configure a speed limit in your car, and therefore you won’t even be allowed to accelerate past it, but if such a system is not available, HERE’s new system is the second-best option.

The update is already live right now on the App Store for iPhone users.


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