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Google Maps Receives Updated Navigation Maps on Android and Android Auto

Google Maps isn’t just the world’s most popular mobile navigation app but also a piece of software that’s constantly evolving with new functionality and additional refinements.
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Google Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigation
This time, the Mountain View-based parent company has come up with an announcement that’s likely to make people using Google Maps for navigation very happy.

Google Maps is getting more detailed maps on all supported platforms, including not only iPhone and Android but also CarPlay and Android Auto.

The detailed maps, which have already been available for some users out there, include rich information such as traffic lights and stop signs along the configured routes. Furthermore, Google says it has specifically focused on making it easier to keep an eye on the navigation route, so now Google Maps sports enhanced details like building outlines and areas of interest.

And that’s not all, as Google also wanted the update to make the navigation experience overall a little bit more straightforward for drivers out there.

Google Maps also displays additional information, such as the details regarding the road you’re driving on. The shape and the width are more accurately displayed in Google Maps, and drivers can also see the nearby medians and islands. Overall, all of these make it easier to figure out which way to go when running Google Maps because the displayed maps are a more accurate digital version of your surroundings.

Google says the rollout of this highly anticipated update is projected to start in select countries in the upcoming weeks. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t shared any information as to which regions are supposed to receive the more detailed maps, but we’ll probably be provided with an update on this when the rollout starts.

Once the new Google Maps experience becomes available on the mobile device, it should also go live in the car on Android Auto and CarPlay in vehicles where such capabilities are available.


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