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Google Maps on Android Auto Loses Location, Simple Fix Could Deal With It

The adoption of Google Maps most likely increases on a daily basis, and as far as Android Auto users are concerned, relying on this app for navigation guidance just makes sense.
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It’s a Google navigation app running on top of another Google app, so in theory, the experience should be as flawless as possible.

Only that, well, it isn’t, as Google Maps is still prone to the bugs that all the other apps are struggling with.

Including the GPS connection problems, that is, as Google Maps is losing the location for some users, and nobody knows exactly what’s happening.

In the last few months, more and more people have been complaining that Google Maps hits a “GPS not found” error in the middle of the drive, therefore no longer being able to tell where they are. As a result, the navigation guidance is pretty much useless, as Google Maps becomes unable to tell users which way to go.

On the other hand, in almost every single case, disconnecting Android Auto and re-launching Google Maps on the mobile device brings things back to normal.

This seems to indicate there’s a glitch in the way Google Maps determines the location of the user only when running on Android Auto, even though the bug only happens at random times.

As it turns out, the fix might actually be much simpler than you’d be tempted to believe. Simply restricting the location access for Android Auto and only allowing Google Maps to determine where you are, brings things back to normal, therefore fixing the navigation app when running on the larger screen in the car.

Needless to say, no official fix for this problem has been provided, so users are still alone in their attempt to resolve the whole thing, especially if the workaround above doesn’t restore Google Maps. Clearing the cache, reinstalling the apps, and changing the cables obviously don’t produce any improvement.


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