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Google Maps Navigation Gets a Strange New Voice, It’s Not What You Think

Google Maps is used by millions of drivers every day, as its state-of-the-art navigation makes finding an address a lot more convenient and safer overall.
Google says it's already working on a fix 6 photos
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Needless to say, the voice guidance is playing a key role for the whole experience, and this is why it’s important for this feature to always work correctly, especially because it allows drivers to figure out which way to go without taking their eyes off the road.

But most recently, the voice navigation has started acting up in a way that many people originally considered to be a feature.

The English voice speaking the directions received an Indian accent, with users in Canada and the United States confirming Google Maps now sounds strange without any change on their side. As said, some people believed this was a feature, especially because the new voice was activated after the latest update on Android.

But as it turns out, this isn’t a feature but an actual problem that was indeed introduced by a recent update for Google Maps, with the Mountain View-based parent company itself confirming that it’s working on rolling out a fix.

While an ETA hasn’t been provided just yet, the official Google Maps account said on Twitter it would be released “soon”, so expect a new update to go live in the coming days.

In the meantime, there’s not much you can do to restore the native English language and get rid of the Indian accent. Some of those who tried to reset the app on their Android devices claim the whole thing doesn’t make any difference, while others explain that not even downgrading Google Maps fixes this.

The good thing is that Google Maps isn’t necessarily impossible to use with the Indian accent, though it goes without saying most people would rather stick with the native language that made it easier to understand the guidance, especially in the U.S. and Canada.


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