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Google Maps Loses Some Features on Old Android Devices, No Need to Panic

Google Maps has become a must-have application for millions of drivers out there who rely on the state-of-the-art navigation it provides, no matter if they run it on mobile phones or tablets.
Google Maps on Android 6 photos
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In some cases, however, these devices are running super-old versions of Android, so from time to time, they need to be updated to receive the latest security improvements and new features.

But it’s also no surprise that some cheap no-name devices are stuck with older Android versions, and people just keep using them because they only need the likes of Google Maps or other applications.

Beginning September 27, however, if such a device is running Android 2.3.7, signing in with a Google account is no longer possible.

This is because Google is giving up on this old version of Android, so apps like Google Maps would no longer support signing in. In other words, you should get username and password errors, and Google says the only way to go right now is to just move to a newer release of the operating system.

The next in the queue is the super-old Android 3.0, though it goes without saying you should get a device that runs one of the latest versions of the operating system, not only for the newest security improvements but also to make sure you receive access to the new-generation features developed by Google.

If this isn’t possible, then Google recommends users to access their Google accounts in their web browsers, though in the case of Google Maps, this doesn’t make much difference. So in theory, if your device is running Android 2.3.7, Google Maps should theoretically still work without account support, but for many people, this is a deal-breaker anyway.

For what it’s worth, Android 2.3.7 was released in September 2011, so it’s already a 10-year-old version that few people are running in the first place.


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