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Google Maps Is Now the Worst Navigation App, Users Claim in a Flood of One-Star Reviews

Google Maps is most often considered one of the best, if not really the best, navigation apps out there, and while we’re not going to discuss the reasons for the whole thing, the new versions released by the parent company are playing a critical role for the final experience.
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But when it comes to the updates released to Android devices lately, the experience has been controversial, to say the least.

More and more Android users ended up struggling with all kinds of problems in Google Maps, including broken navigation, GPS connection issues, audible guidance not working, and freezes occurring all of a sudden when the app is minimized.

As a result, the app’s listing on the Google Play Store has been flooded with one-star reviews following the latest update released by Google, so right now, the overall rating of Google Maps has dropped to 3.9 points out of a maximum of 5.

Users call for Google to come up with more refinements as soon as possible, with some threatening to switch to other similar apps unless things are improved fast.

Google, it needs to be reliable before you add more features and bells and whistles. Now I'm off trying to find a Maps replacement,” Google user Josh Bernand said in his review.

This app is a buggy mess. This is seriously unacceptable, from a coding aspect I can imagine these are pretty simple fixes. I've tried everything to fix it, and I've concluded the problem is in the software. Come on Google,” fellow Google Maps user Dylan Franciosi added in a review also dated May 15.

Google is yet to acknowledge all these problems, but there’s no doubt the company is working on further polishing the experience with the app. The best way to make sure you’re always getting the latest improvements is to enable automatic updates for Google Maps.


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