Google Maps Is Getting Another New-Generation Feature

Google Maps is evolving on multiple fronts, and in addition to the navigation component, the parent company is also improving several other features with new-generation capabilities.
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This week, the Mountain View-based tech giant announced that Google Maps is getting search functionality in Live View, essentially making it possible for users to search for a nearby place by simply scanning their surroundings with the camera of their phones.

Live View itself is a new-generation capability that lets users point their mobile device’s camera at streets and stores and get information in real-time.

With the addition of search support, Live View is getting a major upgrade, as users can see the information they are specifically looking for right on the display as Google Maps scans their surroundings.

For instance, if you are in a busy place and searching for a cafe, Live View automatically looks at what the camera can see and immediately indicate the closest café on the screen. You can then begin the navigation towards the place, so you can get instructions on the display as you approach the café.

Obviously, the search feature in Live View comes with major benefits, not only in terms of finding a specific place but also when it comes to exploring each region. The imagery displayed by the camera of the phone is, therefore, more straightforward, as users can better understand what they are looking at by simply scanning the places around them with the camera.

It goes without saying that the new search in Live View wouldn’t just go live for all users overnight, as it takes time for the parent company to add support globally. In the coming months, however, the new functionality should start rolling out in London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo, Google says, with more regions to be added at a later time.

Of course, the feature will be available on both iPhones and Android devices.


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