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Google Maps Goes Crazy on Android Auto, Waze Now the Better Option

If you use Google Maps on Android Auto, there’s a chance you recently noticed various glitches, many of them showing up totally out of nowhere or after installing the latest updates.
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Unfortunately, Google Maps is hitting all kinds of problems lately, and unfortunately, none of the typical workarounds that users turn to seem to make a difference.

First and foremost, it’s the struggle we told you about earlier this week. As it turns out, Google Maps is causing the audio to cut out in some cars, as we said, for no clear reason. My guess is the culprit is the voice guidance that Google Maps relies on and which automatically reduces the music volume to speak the navigation directions.

When this happens, Google Maps causes some sort of cutting out for everything else using the audio on Android Auto, including the likes of Spotify and YouTube Music.

Google says it’s already looking into reports signaling this problem, but of course, an ETA as to when a fix could land isn’t yet available.

Starting this week, Google Maps on Android Auto also switches automatically from the right-hand drive mode to the left-hand one in some cars, all without users requiring the change. Several users have confirmed the same behavior, and once again, Google said it is looking into what happens.

For the time being, however, no workaround seems to exist, and unfortunately, the only options are to either wait for Google to come up with a fix or to just switch to a different application.

And needless to say, Waze is the best alternative, not only because it belongs to Google as well but thanks to its crowdsourcing engine that makes it incredibly accurate.

As compared to Google Maps, Waze is first and foremost supposed to help you beat the crazy traffic in the city, providing alternative routes that avoid accidents, traffic jams, speed traps, and other road events that could slow you down.


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